Veronique graduated in 2004 at The Veterinary University of Utrecht.  She co-owned an equine clinic in Mol Belgium for a couple of years specialized in equine medicine.

Since 2008, she and her good friend Sebastiaan Donker own a dressage training stable where Veronique successfully trained many horses from young age up to PSG and inter II level. In 2009 she started her own equine sports medicine practice. The combination of  being a rider and sports veterinarian created a more overlooking view on her work. Her interest in sport and training was always a part of her work.

While studying she was many years a qualified fitness instructor of the well known Les Mills Fitness programme. The different approach and trainingmethods for humane athletes inspires her together with the biomechanics and each different possibility of movement in a horse. Keeping in mind all these aspects helped her finding  a method to improve functional movement of the equine athlete.
This method has proven to increase athletic capability in the sporthorse and preventing them from poor performance and sport injuries during their career. 

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