We are proud to have a good cooperation with the following companies. They have been proven to enhance functional motion, performance and wellbeing of our equine athletes.

Erreplus saddlery

Erreplus saddlery stands out for innovation. They are in a continiously way working on performance increasement. Your saddle is THE communication between you and your horse. It has to fit both the horse and the rider in the most optimal manner to get the best results. Innovation not only to increase comfort for the horse his back and way of movement it also has to fit with the posture and riding style of each individual rider. This combination of perfection you will find with Erreplus Saddlery.


Synovium is a complementary food brand with high standards towards the latest science on performance increasement and helping horses to succeed into becoming athletes
Horses participating in international competitions and up to the Olympic discipline use Synovium Supplements and achieve excellent results.

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