What does it for your horse

The INDIBA Animal Health VET905 device is a tool for rehabilitation treatment of horses, either in acute or chronic cases, before or after surgery. The use of VET905 is also indicated for the improvement of the athletic performance of the athlete horse, thanks to the fact that its effects also produce benefits for healthy tissue.

The benefits are given by the unique effects of INDIBA technology:

  • Provides an analgesic effect

  • Increases the volume and intensity of blood flow

  • Improves the supply of oxygen and nutrients

  • Increases tissue temperature

  • Increases cellular metabolism

  • Controls inflammation

  • Normalizes and optimizes cellular activity

  • Get an ionic balance

  • Cell biostimulation

  • Allows passive exercise during treatment

Injury Prevention

The prevention is the best way to avoid injury, ensuring that the animal – especially one competing, stays healthy and performs at its best for as long as possible.

Increasing Performance

  • Pre-heating before exercise: improves blood flow to tissues allowing greater nutrient and oxygen intake

  • Improving tissue flexibility

  • Analgesic in painful areas, especially deep areas.

  • Recovery after exercise, due to the drainage of catabolites (e.g. lactic acid).

  • Contractures and muscular stiffness treatment

  • Trigger points treatment

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