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What does the Aquatrainer?

The aquatrainer enables horses with joint, tendon or bone problems to get exercising early on in the rehabilitation process. Buoyancy makes the horse 'lighter' in the water. It takes a lot of strength for the horse to move against the water pressure, because it has to use its entire body.

A strong and well-trained horse, has less risk of being injured. Aquatraining is a good complement to the usual exercise. Scientific evidence has shown that training on water tapes reduces rehabilitation time by up to 60%.


  • Horses learn to collect more and better without too much strain

  • The movemens/gaits of the horses improve 

  • It helps the musculature system

  • It helps with recovery of the tendons and joint

  • Prevent and Rehabilitation of back problems

  • Help build young horses without too much stress and pressure

  • It  is a great for the overall fitness of the horses

Training packages

If you are not a patient yet at the EFMC, there is a one-time consultation of 60 euros incl. VAT, this is because we want to look at the horses before we put them in training. 

Single session     65 euros incl. VAT

5 sessions            300 euros incl. VAT

10 sessions           565 euros incl. VAT

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