Our main specialism is Equine sportsmedicine and management.

The goal is improving the horse performance and decreasing the risk to suffer from injuries during their sportcarreer. Besides the proven conservative treatment procedures and diagnostic imaging we are also using new treatment techniques on the musculo-skeletal system to increase performance and well being of your horse


The INDIBA Animal Health VET905 device is a tool for rehabilitation treatment of horses, either in acute or chronic cases, before or after surgery. The use of VET905 is also indicated for the improvement of the athletic performance of the sporthorse


The latest technique in regenerative medicine treatment is called Pro-Stride. It is an Autologous Protein Solution (APS) and the most advanced treatment. Studies have demonstrated pain relief for up to one year with just one treatment. This natural, steroid-free treatment avoids any unwanted side-effects associated with traditional steroid joint injections. There is no drug withholding times for competitors at the FEI and USEF levels. It is also safe for use in young horses



The latest new technology for treating pain, inflammation and oedema. The MLS®Laser of ASA  is a state of the art therapeutic technique with emissions designed to improve the therapeutic effects of lasertreatment