Equine Hospital De Bosdreef

De Bosdreef is a world renowned equine hospital with five European Diplomates combining to form a highly specialised team in the fields of equine surgery, orthopaedics, diagnostic imaging and internal medicine.

De Bosdreef performs our MRI's, scintigraphic examinations and orthopaedic surgeries. Our long standing co-operation with them leads to an excellent understanding and communication between us, resulting in an applied and individually tailored evaluation of each horse.

This results in an optimal treatment and rehabilitation in order to get the horse back to work in the best and most efficient way.

Sebastiaan Donker DVM

Collegue sportmedicine and participates in our horses at the dressage stable. Veronique and Sebastian have been working together since they both started their sportsmedicine practices in 2009. Sebastiaan graduated in 2003 at the University of Utrecht. He has been acting as a team-veterinarian of the Eqypt showjumping team at the Olympics of London and Rio.

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Lieve Berthels DVM

Graduated as an equine veterinarian in 1990. She has been working for more then five years in the UK  were she specialized  in ultrasonography of equine tendons manly  in racehorses. In 1995 she moved back to Belgium and started her own equine medicine practice. Since 2004 she has been working together with Veronique till last year as she retired and now fully focusses on her studfarm. Every year there are around 15 high quality foals by famous damlines and leading stallions