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Praktika und Stellenangebote

There are intern positions available with a minimum of 2 months and a maximum of 4 months

When you are interested to join our team please send your CV and letter of motivation to referring Marja van Dijk


Giada Pirola, graduate Equine Sport Science 

Internship august till november 2023

" I had a great, formative experience at the EFM Center. Here I had the opportunity to deepen my knowledge on regenerative medicine, acupuncture, saddle fitting and farriery. I really enjoyed being part of a young, dynamic team where everyone shared one main goal: the horses’ well-being. I had the pleasure to assist Veronique in the daily management and treatment of patients. Her holistic approach to each horse has been fascinating and motivating. Throughout Veronique’s teaching, I gained significant, advanced skills and understanding of horses’ biomechanics and optimal rehabilitation to heal horses and prevent injuries. I also had the chance to improve my horsemanship skills through the guidance of Jorg. EFMC has indeed a great attention to equine welfare. The team always ensures each horse is comfortable, physically and mentally.
I am very pleased for my time at EFMC and the connections I created here!
Giada Pirola, graduate in Equine Sports Science

Claire Hawthorne, Equine Science 4th year student

Internship July-August 2023

“Through working at EFMC my knowledge of equine biomechanics, rehabilitation and sport medicine was expanded immensely. It is an atmosphere that fosters learning in a practical, hands-on setting. There is ample opportunity to broaden your horizons, but also narrow your focus to areas of particular interest. The team is supportive and friendly which results in a truly enjoyable experience.” - Clare Hawthorne

Jaime Heller, Student Equine Physiotherapy 

Internship May till August 2023

"I am studying veterinary physiotherapy and did an internship at EFM. It's a beautiful stable with great accommodations for horse and worker. There are nice apartments onsite to stay in. There are a lot of learning opportunities especially in regards to sports management and rehabilitation but also in the clinic with Veronique to learn about the different procedures she uses. It is a great environment and I enjoyed my time there, especially using the Aquatrainer, Indiba and EMS."

Ishita Mishra 
July-August 2023

"I am a Bachelor of Science Equine, Sports & Business student in the Netherlands and I did my Year 2 placement at EFMC. Originally, I am from India. 

As a future equine industry professional, the EFMC internship instilled in me the work discipline, professionalism and confidence that I’ll need in real life.
I learnt practical skills and best practices in effective and efficient modern-day yard management. I got to see up close the dedication and commitment of my mentors to their professions and making a difference in the lives of horses and the equine industry.
It was a valuable experience also to work with the other interns from different backgrounds and equine specialism
It is truly a gratifying experience to see the horses benefit from EFMC therapy, rehabilitation practices and well-being experiences."

Emma Paul Equine Physiotherapist

April-May 2023 

"My internship at EFMC was the most informative and  educational of my career. I cannot recommend it more highly to anyone serious about a career in performance horses or rehabilitation"

Anna Kokoreva Veterinarian graduated 2021, Moscow

" I am a graduate veterinarian who came here from Russia. I am very glad that I was given the opportunity to do an internship at EFMC. It was nice to meet Veronique again and get to know her team. Since I am interested in the direction of rehabilitation, I was able to see the work in a complex from diagnosis to treatment and prevention. I would like to come back with more extensive knowledge to continue improving in this direction." 

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