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Who are we?

 EFM stands for Equine Functional Motion. That's the main goal what we aim for to improve in our patients. To make horses move more functional and therefore enhance their ability to perform and decrease their risk to get injured


EFMCenter is founded by Veronique Swagemakers. It is a rehabilitation and sport support accomodation and opened its doors in 2021.

In 2004 Veronique graduated from the Veterinary Medicine University of Utrecht. From the moment she started her business as a vet, she had a vision to combine sport with riding herself and treating horses medically. The value in this combination is the experience to feel what treatments can do with the feeling you have on a horse and the way it moves. This evolved in a great expertise in knowledge of where horses need help to perform at their best. In EFMcenter all the knowledge and the newest techniques for rehab and sport improvement are combined in a great facility to create the best happy athlete. These days riders from all levels found their way to EFMCenter to upscale the performances of their horses. 


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Our collaborations

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