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Sports management and rehabilitation

At EFMCenter we provide a wide kind of treatments to enhance the health and strength of horses. All the equipment we use is safe  and up to date. We use the equipment for horses that are staying at EFMCenter, but also for horses that come on appointment at EFMClinic. 

All the therapies and equipment are used in the best ways to make your horse stronger or heal faster and better. 

In combination with experienced farriers, a highly motivated staff and good contacts with trainers and a saddlefitter we create great results and a various amount of possibilities. 

Horses that are in EFMCenter for a longer period of time can get stronger and in a better frame while resting in our beautiful and spacious stables. All horses in EFMCenter get lots of attention and the best care every day. We provide them with 24hr high quality hay and they go out in field or paddock when allowed. The Stable is spacious and horses have good contact with each other. Stallions can be provided with more closed stables and privacy. All horses have camera surveillance. Horses are also welcome for holidays or even for one week to boost with EMS and/or Aquatraining. 


Cryo Therapy
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