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Sports medicine

The focus within EFMC has been on the use of orthobiologics for about five years. These are different forms of regenerative therapy as it is called with a more difficult word.

"With orthobiologics we use the specific cells of the horse's own body that provide care for stimulation of the body's healing capacity.” This is aimed at solving the cause of the problem. “A horse can feel better with medication, but if you don't solve the problem, the pain will return. With the help of orthobiologics you increase the restorative capacity. Another advantage is that by using the body own cells there is fewer complications and it is no doping" More and more scientific evidence shows that the long-term effect of these techniques is much greater than the conservative way of treatment in sports medicine (human and equine)”. A long-term plan is the most important thing on the path of an happy athlete. We offer an all-inclusive program for both rehabilitation and sports guidance.

Our goal is to improve your horse for the best possible way to return to the sport. Take care of his performance and well being.


For more information please contact us by whatsapp 0031653285987

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